Stuck on what to buy your mum for Mother’s Day?

Our mums deserve the world, so sometimes it’s a struggle to know what to buy them for Mother’s Day.
Chocolates? Flowers? … Another candle? Sure, those things are lovely and will be appreciated, but you got her those things last year! You want something different to buy your mum, so you’re frantically searching on Google/texting your friends/scouring the shops to find something unique. Don’t bother with that decorative vase from TK Maxx. We’ve got an idea.
Whether your mum is horsey, outdoorsy, loves the gym or simply enjoys chilling on the sofa watching Netflix – Flexars make the perfect gift.
Flexars are ideal for riders, due to the inner protection on their knee but they’re also great for women looking for supportive and flattering leggings that are also practical.
Give your mum a present that is going to:
- Make her look amazing and feel confident – Flexars are flattering, to fit sizes 4-20.
- Make her feel comfortable - Flexars have a super-high waistband with no elastic, buttons or zips.
- Be a versatile addition to her wardrobe - Ever heard your mum say she has nothing to wear? Flexars can be worn for riding, for active wear, and as casual wear.
- Last a long time - Flexars are durable and easy to look after.
Flexars will make your mum feel beautiful and confident, what more could you wish for? - as beautiful as you see her.
We all know our mums are beautiful and confident, but they don’t always feel it. Let’s make a difference and help them feel as amazing as we think they are.
Not sure of your mum’s size? We have physical and online gift cards available and we cater for all budgets, with gift cards starting from just £10.
And if you’ve got no budget, you can still make Mother’s Day special. Presents are great, but so is picking your clothes up off your bedroom floor every once in a while and telling your mum you love her!
And mums, if you are reading this, maybe give your kid(s) a not so subtle hint by leaving your laptop open on this page, printing this article off and attaching it to the fridge, or reading it to them as a bedtime story.
Happy Mother’s Day, from Laflex!