Sasha's Story

Hi everyone, my name is Sasha, and the big eared horse in the picture is my new horse Silver! I started riding before I could walk and I competed in my first competition when I was just 3 years old. My first rosette was a ‘Special’ (remember those?!) and of course I still have it!

When I was younger, I competed in Mountain and Moorland Working Hunter classes. I went on to become the Horse of the Year Show Champion in 2004 and at age 15 I stopped riding because well, I thought I had achieved everything I could and wanted to achieve. After finishing boarding school in Dorset, I decided to move home to West Sussex. I had always wanted to get back into horses for years and just was never the right time. Sadly my Granny passed away and after the loss my family had, my Mum went on a random quest in search of a new horse and well, along came Silver. We have had team chats and dreams about going back to Horse of the Year Show again for the workers, but I must say this time around I would love to go Show Jumping across Europe.  

Silver was bought unseen (thank you Coronavirus), vetted and transported down from Scotland, all within 3 weeks of us seeing him online! It all happened so quickly, so we honestly had nothing for him. We borrowed boots, tack and rugs from a friend who luckily had some bits in the right size! Would I do anything differently? No way!

For me, there is nothing more therapeutic or stress relieving than riding. I love being out hacking and capturing those pictures of the sunset between Silvers ears. I would call it dreamy! I am kicking myself for making me wait this long to be back in the saddle!

So, you are probably wondering who this person is or why are you still reading but bear with me please. I have teamed up with Flexars, and I can proudly say that I am now a sponsored rider and part of the Flexars family. Flexars have asked me to write a bi-monthly blog about Silver and I, and the things we are going to be getting up to. This is going to be a very exciting 2021/2022 for us and we cannot wait to share our journey.

Soon I will be sharing the last 7 months of our whirlwind 2020, along with snippets of what is going on right now. We cannot do that much at the moment for obvious reasons, but we do have a very exciting year ahead!

If you do have any questions or want to follow me day to day, please visit my Instagram or Facebook pages. I really would like to hear from you.

Love Sasha X

My First Rosette!