Kerry Bog Ponies - The Perfect Kids Pony

Have you ever heard of the Kerry Bog Pony (KBP)? No? Neither had we until we were approached by an avid supporter of the breed, willing to let us use her own KBPs (and her children) as models for our children’s range of Flexars.
After finding out that the KBP are endangered, and realising the photoshoot could help prolong the breed, how could we say no? We were so keen to support, and truly get behind these ponies.
So what is a KBP? A small, tough, hardy pony, no bigger than 12 hands high, with heritage from Spain and the Nordics. They are famous for their calm temperaments, without the flightiness of some of their peer breeds. Making them ideal children’s ponies.
After being introduced to Principle and Ryder during the photoshoot, we found out for ourselves that they are absolutely cracking ponies to be around, and definitely proving to be a great children's pony. After all, we all know how boring photoshoots can be sometimes, they proved their patience and willingness to please throughout the somewhat long morning. Whoever said don’t work with children or animals?! They loved all the human attention, and were definitely ‘less spooky’ than other ponies that we had worked with before. We also found out that they make great driving ponies, and can be used as first, or second ponies for children - What more do you need from a pony?!
As part of our ongoing commitment to the breed, and to highlight them all, we are offering a 10% discount off our Little Flexar range, to any Kerry Bog Pony Owner. For more information on this, please do contact the Kerry Bog Pony Appreciation society on Facebook, which can be found here: