A new, more eco-friendly way of packaging Flexars.

Hi all!

Just a quick update for you. We know how much you love our personalised packaging, however, it is time to switch to a more eco-friendly option, and we hope you will love it even more.

So, starting from tomorrow, instead of your Flexars being wrapped in tissue paper, they will now arrive to you in a 100% cotton dust bag. The dust bag is bio-degradable, reusable, durable, sustainable and recyclable. No more tissue paper or stickers = less wastage.

We are excited to take this next step towards being more sustainable - next step - eco-friendly mailing bags! We are in the process of switching to a recyclable mailing bag, so watch this space!

Love, Team Flexars x

Flexars eco-friendly mailing bag.

 *Please note this does not apply for Little Flexars